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Booking Space at
St. George's

Looking for a space to use for your meeting, rehearsal, conference, festival, symposium, musical event, or school play? Some of the rooms at St. George's Church are available for outside groups. Please note our spaces are not available to host external parties (e.g. stag & does, receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, baby-showers etc...)

2023 Rates:

One Off Event - Hourly Rate for any room is $40 per hour, minimum 3 hour rental except the Sanctuary (see below).

Regular, ongoing user groups: Please fill out the form below.

Additional fees: If the event takes place outside of standard office hours, an additional fee of $35 per hour may be applied.

**Note all our rates are not-for-profit rates.  Hourly rates are lower for ongoing user groups who are approved to use the same space at the same time at least once per week. 


All rentals need to provide proof of insurance for a minimum of $2,000,000 third party liability naming the church on the certificate. 

The main rooms we rent are:

Mitchell Hall - large hall (approximately 60' x 40', 2,500 sq. ft.) with stage (15' x 19'). Can hold 350 standing, 325 seated, or 265 seated at tables. When serving a meal, Mitchell Hall is rented with the Kitchen, a large commercial kitchen that has a dishwasher and meets health standards. An elevator comes directly to this room from the upper level (requires entrance from the front of the building). 

Palmer Hall - a large hall (approximately 43' x 55', 2,300 sq. ft. ) under the church. This room can hold 235 people

Commercial Kitchen: We have a large regularly inspected commercial kitchen available for rent. This is a perfect space for those who need a place to prepare goods for sale or someone looking to teach a cooking class to a group. 

Sanctuary - for concerts. Seats about 450 people. Acoustics are wonderful for music. We have a grand piano and a Casavant pipe organ. St. George's is the chosen venue for many music concerts groups.  The Sanctuary is rented at a flat rate of $1,500 which includes time for rehearsals. Additional fees for tuning of piano and organ may be required.  Please note: we do not rent out the church for weddings. See more about Weddings at St. George's.

Chapel - Seats up to 25 people. A quiet space excellent for small meetings or classes. 

If you are interested in inquiring about a rental at St George's please fill out the form below. All rental applications are subject to approval by church leadership. 

For more information, call the church at 519-822-1366.

Mitchell Hall with Stage

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