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Baptism is a sacrament & a symbol of belonging to Christ and to his Church.

What is baptism for children?

Your child is precious to you and precious to God. In baptism, you as parents are thanking God for his gift of life, making a decision to start your child on the journey of faith, and asking for the Church's support. For your child, baptism marks the start of a journey of faith, which involves turning away from all that is evil, turning towards Christ, and becoming a member of the local and worldwide Christian family. Baptism is a sacrament, a visible sign of God's love. The declarations made by parents and sponsors (godparents) will be made in front of the congregation, with the local church community promising to support and pray for you and your child.

What is baptism for adults?

Baptism for adults is a mature decision of faith, with the candidate responding in faith for themselves. Often, adult baptism are performed at Easter after a period of preparation during Lent.

How do I get baptized at St. George's?

Please contact the clergy with any questions and return this form to the office. You will be contacted to set up a preparation class, which is usually an hour or two on a Saturday before the baptism (children are welcome!). 


Frequently asked questions

Do you have any other dates available? Please contact us for other dates.

Who needs to attend the Preparation Class? Parents and sponsors are highly encouraged to attend the preparation class. For people from out of town, please talk to the clergy to make alternate arrangements. Children are welcome but not required.

More information can be found on the Church of England website.

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