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Chi Rho Fellowship Group

Photos from the Choral Festival Evensong held October 28, 2018 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Chi Rho Fellowship!

What is Chi Rho Fellowship?


Chi Rho or xp are the first two letters of the Greek word Christos or Christ. Without getting too complicated, the words and the logo were used as early as the second century to identify Christians. The symbol was adopted as the identifying logo of the Anglican Chi Rho Fellowship, which was established as a successor organization to the Anglican Young Peoples Association (AYPA) for those members, who had succeeded to young adulthood. Chi Rho was specifically targeted for couples and singles.

In 1948 a new Chi Rho Fellowship organization was started at St. George’s Church in Guelph, with Mr. Bev Strain as its first president. The first meeting was held in the parish hall on October 8, 1948 with the then Rector, Stuart Brownlee in the chair. A charter was issued by The Anglican Church of Canada commemorating this event.


An excerpt from St. George’s Chi Rho Fellowship Constitution best describes the organization and principles as follows:


The aim of Chi Rho is fellowship in which adults, either single or married, may grow:
a) In service and responsibility to the Church
b) In their relationship to Jesus Christ
c) In relationship to each other
d) To meet their spiritual, intellectual and social needs.


Chi Rho meets the first Friday of each month, except July and August, at 7.00 pm. Regular meetings consist of a short business session followed by interesting educational or entertaining lectures, games, barbecues, local plant visits, picnics, and many other fun events.

Chi Rho has also raised money for the church and the community through participation in the the Sleighbell Fantasy (Christmas bazaar) and other fundraising events. Some of the things supported by Chi Rho include:

  • church funds, as needed

  • Welcome In Drop-In Centre

  • Primate's World Relief Fund

  • Guelph Wellington Hospice

  • Anglican Church in Cuba

It is estimated that over the years, the Chi Rho group has raised over $90,000 for these and other initiatives.


The Chi Rho Fellowship encourages each individual to bring his unique experience, talents and perspective to our organization. Our momentum is fueled by our relationship to each other and to Jesus Christ. You would be most welcome to participate.

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