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8:30 am Sunday (BCP)

10:30 am sunday (BAS)



St. George's Church

99 Woolwich Street

Guelph, ON

N1H 3V1

TELEPHONE: 519-822-1366


Church Parking Lot - not accessible

The church has a small parking lot at the rear of the building, accessible from a small lane between the church and the Catholic School Board office (turn left under the foot bridge. Spaces are limited and it is a private parking lot for church use only. NOTE: This parking lot is not suitable for people who require accessible access, as there is a set of stairs from the parking lot to the church.

Street Parking - accessible

Street parking in front of the church is free for the first two hours. The accessible parking spot is located across from the courthouse by the stoplight. Accessible doors for the church are located on street level by the chapel, and an elevator is available to reach Mitchell Hall once in the church. For weddings and funerals, parking spots will be reserved for the family in front of the church.

City Parking Lots

There are several parking lots in close proximity to the church. More information can be accessed on the City of Guelph website here

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