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St. George's HIstorical Society

St. George’s Historical Society




The Rev. Victor Kischak,

Don Coulter

Shirley Griffin

Don Hamilton

Patricia Ing

Laura Keller

Michael Nightingale

Harry Oussoren

Amy Parker

Ruth Thatcher

Ella Turnbull



St. George’s Historical Society aims to do 4 things:


  • Explore and commemorate the historical significance of our church and its role in shaping our local heritage.

  • Organize, preserve, and catalogue our archives and historical artifacts, in order to provide generations to come with a glimpse into our past.

  • Find new ways to capture the stories of St. George’s Church, particularly those stories that are only stored in parishioners’ memories.

  • Create a community of like-minded parishioners who share a passion for history and faith.


Joining the St. George’s Historical Society is an opportunity to engage in an enriching journey through time, connecting with our shared past and shaping our future as a community. If this interests you, please email or call 519-822-1366.


If you have items (photos, letters, bulletins, etc.) that you would like to offer to the Historical Society, there is a mailbox in the office for this purpose. Items can be dropped off at the church during regular business hours, or on Sunday mornings.

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