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St. George's HIstorical Society

Anyone interested is invited to the inaugural meeting of the St. George’s Historical Society on Wednesday, July 5, 2023 at 7:00 pm.

The St. George’s Historical Society will:

  • Explore and commemorate the historical significance of our church and its role in shaping our local heritage.

  • Organize, preserve, and catalogue our archives and historical artifacts, in order to provide generations to come with a glimpse into our past.

  • Find new ways to capture the stories of St. George’s Church, particularly those stories that are only stored in parishioners’ memories.

  • Create a community of like-minded parishioners who share a passion for history and faith.

Joining the St. George’s Historical Society is an opportunity to engage in an enriching journey through time, connecting with our shared past and shaping our future as a community. We hope to see you there. Speak to Laura Keller for more information.

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