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The Carillon

The carillon, originally a gift from the Cutten estate in 1926, is one of only 9 working carillons in Canada, and it is one of the most recently-renovated carillons in North America. Our carillon is attracting considerable attention since the renovation and expansion in 2006 by the Meeks-Watson firm of Ohio. The tower is home to 36 carillon bells, and the tolling bell which alone weighs nearly 4000 lbs. 

Several regular carillonneurs provide carillon bell music for regular services, weddings and funerals by request and civic and social occasions by prior arrangement with the church office. Guest carillonneurs have played from as far away as California.

56 stairs above ground level, the carillonneurs play the carillon by striking baton-like keys which are connected to 36 bells in a 3-octave natural bell carillon.  Visitors are generally welcome in the tower.  Small children are not usually able to manage the stairs, and anyone contemplating a visit should be aware of the physical demands of the staircase.

Also in the Bell Tower is the mechanism for the clock, which strikes every 1/4 hour and plays Westminster Chimes on the hour.

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