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The Organ



Originally installed in 1926 as a part of a major bequest to St. George's from the Cutten family, this instrument with its four manuals includes a substantial antiphonal division at the back of the church that provides important support for congregational singing as well as dramatic and effective variety for organ repertoire.

In the 1970s the organ received additional pipework resulting in a considerable brightening of the tonal resources, and a wall between the chancel and nave was opened to allow the Swell division to speak directly into the nave.

In 1992, further renovations improved the tonal layout and provided solid-state action for the console.

In 2016, the organ underwent a major cleaning and significant renovation: the completion of the solid-state conversion of the console and the addition of some remarkably effective digital stops. It is one of the most noteworthy instruments in South-Western Ontario.


To download a complete list of stops, click HERE

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