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icon writing workshop

This is an opportunity to experience the traditional and prayerful technique of icon painting using egg tempura and gold leaf. First and foremost, it is a class in prayer and meditation expressed through a practical and creative process of religious painting. The classes will take place from June 3-8, 2019 here at St. George's Church.


Fr. Regan O'Callaghan is an artist priest who lives in London, England. Originally from New Zealand, he moved to the United Kingdom in 1993 where he studied art and religious studies, including the technique of icon writing (painting) in the studio of Sr. Bernadette Crook RSHM M.A., a trustee of the British Association of Iconographers.  In 2001 Regan was ordained into the Church of England.  He combines his religious ministry with art, leading many art projects and workshops, as well as painting a number of important commissions, including an icon for Saint Paul’s Cathedral London. Regan has led many icon workshops and residencies all over the world. He believes in a ministry of encouragement where art is the facilitator. Today Regan’s art practice has built on the technique of icon writing, combining contemporary themes with traditional techniques.  He is inspired by the natural environment and humankind’s relationship/connection with their surroundings.

Want to learn more? Email Regan.

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