The Rev. Canon Ralph Blackman

Ralph (pronounced "Rafe") has been the Rector here at St. George's since 2009. Before that, he served as rector in Chicago. Contact Ralph for spiritual care or any questions pertaining to the parish. 

The Rev. Canon Jean Mitchell

Jean is the Priest Assistant at St. George's Church. She is also the Council Liaison for Pastoral Care. She visits people in the hospital and assists with various services. Contact her if you are in the hospital or require pastoral care.

Laura Keller

Laura is our Program Administrator. She is the first one you meet when you come into the office or call. Contact her about the bulletin, volunteers, events, liturgical celebrations like weddings, baptisms, or funerals, or to let her know a change of address.

Ellen Luccock

Ellen is our Business Manager. She is responsible for facility related and business management of the parish. If you would like to book space, contact Ellen.

Dr. Gerry Manning

Gerry is our music director, organist, and choir director. He plans the music each week, and leads the choir. Contact him with questions about the organ, carillon, or music.

Tracy Jewell

Tracy takes care of all the bookkeeping tasks for the parish. Contact her for any finance-related questions. She is in the office on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.

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